Seokanzler: Die schönsten Bilder vom Seo Contest Seokanzler Deutschland.

This is R-E-A-L SEOKanzler Online Marketing

I made the video yesterday morning for the SEOKANZLER SEO Contest. (best SEO-ers of Germany)

I compete against 975000 indexed the Web pages in Google Germany for keyword SEOKanzler . Goal: I must be into the top 100 by tonight 18.00, but I have only 1 shot, because from 11.00 today I dont have time anymore, because of travelling.



Entry position: Top 100, postion 11 ! But surprise: I am also on position 31 and 48 with different Seokanzler Works. I know that these positions will change, but a least on of them will stay in the Top 100 of Germans best Search Engine Optimizators.

See my movie because it also shows you how I did that ! I did that alone, with no team, no budget, no fancy linking. Within the Seokanzler Top 100, Seo Companies and Companies that are on the stock-Exchange compete ! and me: It takes a Dutch guy to do it !

Seokanzler Seo Contest Position

Veröffentlicht am 15.10.2013

Seokanzler: Die schönsten Bilder vom Seo Contest Seokanzler Deutschland.

Eine Videokompilation von Bilder während der Seokanzler Contest
Mehr Info:

1. Dieses Video ist Online bei youtube:
2. Ein anderes Seokanzler Video finden Sie hier:

Youtubechannel 1:…
Youtubechannel 2:…

Jeroen Smid:…

„seokanzler“ „Seokanzler: Die schönsten Bilder vom Seo Contest Seokanzler Deutschland“ „“

Musik: „Adrina Thorpe-Fly“, tonaufnahme Verwaltet von:
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